The Misadventures of Cake #2

As you may remember from my last post, I had decided that I was going to bake at least 10, if not 12 cakes this year. At first thought, this sounded like an easy task, say, a piece of cake?

By the time this morning came around, the idea began to feel a bit daunting. But I happily arranged all my ingredients and tools on the counter, preheated my oven and began the task of greasing my cake pans. I started spraying them and suddenly I RAN OUT OF COOKING SPRAY barely getting anything in the cake pan! I kind of just stood there for a second, not knowing what do do.

Finally, I called my mom and she told me to use butter. Butter! Why didn’t I think of that? So, for the first time in my life, I greased my two 9-inch pans with butter, and then, also for the first time, I floured my cake pans. I managed to get flour all over the place somehow, especially the floor and as I tilted the pan that had a little cooking spray in it, I also got a little bit of oil onto the floor.

Here are my floured and greased pans. I’d say not bad, for my first time. (When I made my strawberry cake, I forgot to flour the pans so I had some trouble getting the two layers out and nearly managed to break one of them in half! I was not about to let THAT happen again.)

Finally, I got my big mixing bowl, put in the cake mix (yes, I’m using mixes for the time being, I figure if I practice getting them right after awhile I can start making cakes from scratch) and my eggs, butter and water. I started up my mixer and four minutes later, the batter was looking lovely.

Then, another potential for disaster: as I pulled the beaters out of the batter, I realized that butter cakes are not the same as regular cakes. They are very, very dense. But I didn’t know that at first so again, I called my mother (who is quite used to being called, she’s my Cooking 911.) She said it was okay if it was really thick and explained that butter cakes are kind of like pound cakes, really really dense. I realized that the batter WOULD NOT POUR as the box told me it should and had to scoop blobs of it into each pan with a spatula and then try to smooth it out. I told my mom, it looked like yellow meringue or something with all the peaks. She assured me as long as I tried to smooth them out they would settle once I got them in the oven.

20-something minutes later (I was off the phone by then) I opened the oven to take them out and I was greeted with what was to me a HORRIBLE SIGHT, 2 cake layers that were brown (not yellow as it looks on the box) and cracked with what looked like air bubbles on top. It looked hideous and I was about to just call it quits, wait for them to cook and then throw them in the trash.

I decided to get my act together and go cool down for a bit and look up online what butter cakes are supposed to look like. I realized, after looking at some not made by professionals that the cracks and bubbles are fairly normal and to flip them out of the pans and onto wire racks and see if the bottoms were okay. The looked fine, though one was lighter than the other, possibly because of the cooking spray and butter. I gingerly touched the cake layers and they felt the way cake is supposed to feel so I relaxed and let them finish cooling.

Finally it was time to frost the cake and I used cream cheese frosting, my favorite. This time, unlike with the strawberry cake, I had bought myself a lazy susan and a proper frosting knife so it went on much better than last time. I still have a lot to learn about making it look less sloppy but once I let it harden a bit and started decorating it, it didn’t seem to matter that much. The icing did not go on as neatly as I’d hoped but all was not lost as my husband, without realizing it, gave me a cute idea. Why not decorate the top with a “drawing” of a cat face? (We are always talking about the cat we used to have, a big black kitty named Gilbert who we called Kitty Boy sometimes.)

It’s definitely not professional-looking but it came out at least close to what I’d hoped it would be so I am satisfied. And, I’m not going to make another cake for at least another week. Phew!